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Bring your music, videos and podcasts to Jewish families around the world

Share your music, videos and podcasts with the Jewish world — and earn what you deserve for your work. With 24Six, the first on-demand, custom-filtered entertainment platform for the Jewish family.

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We’re different than other media platforms.

Other media streaming platforms are not designed with the Jewish family and content creator in mind.

Inappropriate Content

Other platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music, have millions of songs, but the content and ads are not Jewish. You don’t want to be associated with that and families don’t want it in their homes.

Limited Revenue

On Apple Music and Spotify, you split the pot with millions of artists. It’s difficult for you to earn what you deserve when you compete with mainstream artists.

Rampant Piracy

The lack of available options has made piracy a real problem. Kids are left with no choice but to “share” content without consent or compensation to the artist.

Reduced Audiences

Many families or communities won’t engage with streaming given the current options. You’re missing out on hundreds of thousands of fans with mainstream media platforms.

It doesn’t have to be like this.


Uncompromised entertainment for the Jewish world.

24Six is the first subscriber-only, curated Jewish entertainment platform. Built for Jewish artists,
content creators, and fans.

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How we’re different

Welcome to the 24Six revolution.

Earn what you deserve

Our exclusive community of Jewish artists and content creators gives you increased revenue. It’s simple math. Fewer artists to share the revenue with means more revenue for you.

Reach new streaming fans

Our customizable filters and offline streaming options open up our platform to tens of thousands of Jewish families that weren’t able to access other streaming services before. One more thing, we have something exciting in the works... a 24Six device, to get your music, videos and podcasts to even more communities.

Share royalties

Easily split revenue from each stream with featured artists. With just a few clicks, you can give credit where it’s due. Add royalty rates for collaborators and share royalties. 24Six will handle the rest.

See detailed analytics

Track the popularity of your content. Discover the audiences of your content — so you can really get to know who your fans are.

Make 24Six your own

Create a branded experience for your audiences. Customize what your fans see and update your artist profile.

Eliminate piracy

Protect your work — by making it easy as 1-2-3 to access, with no reason to steal or share it.

Earn what you deserve
Reach new streaming fans
Allocate royalties
See detailed analytics
Personalize how you present
Eliminate piracy

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Got questions? Find answers here.

24Six is a groundbreaking media streaming platform for the Jewish family. It gives subscribers access to thousands of songs, videos and podcasts. With features designed to provide you with complete control. Create a custom entertainment experience for your family.

Your whole family can listen, watch, collect favorites, create playlists, and stream from anywhere. All approved, kosher content. All for one low monthly fee.

No. You can remove your content at any time. But you’ll probably want to stick around. ; )

Nope. We pay you. : )

Music is the song of the soul — and it will never be interrupted with advertisements. By subscribing to 24Six, listeners are supporting their favorite Jewish artists and content creators.

Podcasts and videos will have ads — and the more hits your content gets, the more valuable your “real estate” becomes. The best part? The ads will be Kosher. You’ll be proud to have them associated with your content.

We tried really hard to think of one. But there’s just no catch.

  • You’re not limited from putting your content on other platforms at the same time.
  • Your content remains yours.
  • Your content is in a Jewish, kosher environment.
  • Your fans get to access your content easily and with no fear of unwanted interruptions.
  • You will make a lot more money.

It’s a win-win situation.

You own your content. Uploading does not transfer ownership or any rights.
You can remove your content at any time.

Yes. We will roll out incentive programs for our artists and content creators:

  • Exclusive tracks: Create content that is exclusive to 24Six or released first on 24Six.
  • Affiliate program: Promote 24Six and earn.
  • Bonus program: We have set aside a percentage of our revenues to work with artists and content developers to create custom programs, promotions, ideas and other concepts. We will work together to help us both grow!

Good question. The offline feature is built for temporary times when families or kids don’t have internet access: at yeshiva, in camp, on the road, etc.

The standard offline allowance is 30 days, after which the content becomes inaccessible. They'll need to go online and reconnect with the 24Six servers to see your content again. This will ensure that their subscriptions are up to date, and the analytics are uploaded so you can get paid.

In short:
No. No one can download your music and then go offline and keep it without paying.

No. There’s a registration and approval process. Every piece of content on our platform is vetted to fit the standards of a Jewish home.

Not yet. DistroKid won’t integrate with us unless their entire artist portfolio is allowed to join our platform, which is obviously problematic. We’re working to find solutions to integrate through third party channels.

Really, there's no need: 24Six has native analytics, tracking, royalty sharing — a complete back-end dashboard for artists and content creators.